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BLUTEC Chop Saw 14 Inch BSB-355 ECO, 2350 W

Original price was: 11,999.00.Current price is: 7,999.00.

BLUTEC Chop Saw 14 Inch, 355mm, BSB-355 ECO, 2350 W, 3800 Rpm, 220V~50Hz, for Metal, Wood, and Plastic, Construction, Metalworking, Carpentry Industries to Cut Materials to Specific Lengths or Angles.

BLUTEC Miter Saw 10 Inch, 255mm BSB-MS-255, 2400 W

Original price was: 12,000.00.Current price is: 8,999.00.

BLUTEC Miter Saw 10 Inch, 255mm BSB-MS-255, 2400 W, 5000 Rpm, 220V~50Hz, Crosscuts, Miter Cuts, Bevel Cut, a tool for anyone working with wood or other materials that require precise cutting.

CLIF PLUS-180Mm -7″-1200Watt Power-Metal/Steel Cutting Mini Portable Chop Saw/Electric Mini Cut Off Machine

Original price was: 7,000.00.Current price is: 4,820.00.

CLIF PLUS HEAVY DUTY-180Mm 7" 1200W Power Metal/Steel Cutting Mini Portable Chop Saw/Cut Off Saw Electric Mini Cut Off Machine.

1pcs 7" Metal Cutting Wheel are Free With Chop Saw