EASTMAN 1/4 ” Shank 8mm Hex Magnetic Power Nut Driver Set of 10Pcs (Copy)


EASTMAN  1/4 ” Shank 8mm Hex Magnetic Power Nut Driver Drill Bit Socket adaptors Wrench .Nut setter Set For Industrial & Home Use For Screwdriver Tools (Pack Of 10 Pcs) (HEX 8mm x 65mm Long)


  1. Quick release hex shank will save you time.
  2. Simply insert the Hex Driver Bits into your power drill.
  3. Fits power drills, screw gun, cordless magnetic drivers .

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  • EASTMAN – The Professional BRAND.
  • The inner hexagonal sleeves are arranged according to the bolts type, which can be selected according to the needs.
  • Especially suitable for bolts or nuts with very narrow turning position or very deep depression.
  • Composed of several inner hexagonal sleeves and one or more handles of the upper sleeve.
  • In a wide variety of applications, for use with high torque impact drivers and driver-drills, less maintenance, Longer life, Easy to use.
  • Suitable for driving hex nut, LAG Screw and Self Drilling Screws SDS in a wide variety of applications.
  • CRV steel (Chrome vanadium steel), So, suitable for heavy impact drive, sturdy and wear resistant.
  • Can be used as wrench, socket wrench, is a special tool to tighten or unscrew.


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