EASTMAN Chrome Vanadium 8-Inch Cobbler Pincer Plier


EASTMAN Chrome Vanadium 8-Inch Cobbler Pincer Plier

This is mainly used for removing nails and other related purposes made from the finest CHROME VANADIUM material.

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EASTMAN Cobbler Pincer is made of solid high grade carbon steel material, Strong, Sharp and Durable.

EASTMAN Cobbler Pincer has a claw end which helps to remove nails and screws easily from the wooden surface.

EASTMAN Cobbler Pincer cutting edges are induction hardened & tempered to give high hardness. Suitable for cutting wires and nails.

EASTMAN Cobbler Pincer have a double color cushioned grip ergonomically designed for comfort in use.

Cobbler pincer are designed for easy gripping of various workpieces and effortless pulling of fasteners. The curved jaws and the sharp edges hold objects firmly so that it is easy for you to work with them. Our pincers are hardened using modern Induction hardening technique to provide higher strength and longer life of jaws. Grove type locking design to provide strength and wear resistance. Pincers are rust and corrosion proof due to unique powder coating painting process. Pincers come with insulated sleeves providing better grip and protection against static electric shock. Our Pincers have been tested, tried and recommended by carpenters, cobblers and manufacturing experts. Our unique claw design at the rear of the handle comes handy for easier pulling of the nails in various professional and home setting.


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