NEWTON Generic Box Cut End 12″ Belt Type Oil Filter Wrench


Yellow, 300 mm-12″-Single Sided Adjustable Wrench-Box Cut Type

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  • Professional Filter Wrench.
  • 12 inch Belt Type Oil Filter wrench.
  • Box Cut type Yellow Belt 300 MM Single sided Adjustable wrench
  • High hardness treatment. Forged steel handle, anti-rust, long service life.
  • Designed with non-slip spiral burr, it is more convenient to use; labor-saving design, comfortable to use.
  • The color of the belt wrench is very different, making it easy for you to find it.
  • Widely used: automobiles, tractors, oil filters, fuel filters, glue joints, shower nozzles, can openers, PVC joints, bottles, faucets, water filters, sinks, faucets, etc
  • The surface is treated with special material, durable and rust proof.
  • High hardness, tight connection, gripping force, not easy to skid.

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 25 cm


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