OT Claw-Type Magnetic Pick-up Tool Flexible Claw Pickup Tool with LED Lights


Four-claw magnetic gripping tool with LED light, stainless steel spring can be fixed in different shapes without bounce 2 in 1 magnetic pickup (red)

  • The claw-type magnetic pickup tool can flexibly reach a narrow place and a magnetic tip. These four claws are powerful and can be fixed in any shape. It has LED lights for easy operation in dark places.
  • Must have the necessary tools for mechanics tools, car repairs, factories, etc. It is also very suitable for grabbing in the gaps and sewers under the furniture.
  • The longest stretch to (61cm), allows you to pick up small objects lost down drains, stuck under furniture and etc.
  • Material: Metal spring plungers are sturdy and durable. It is made of super steel springs. The flexible spring tube can be bent without bounce.
  • Press the piston and jaw to open/release the piston and the jaws close. There is a switch for the led light at the handle for easy opening and closing.

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  • This Claw Magnetic Pickup Tool is flexible to reach tight places, has a LED light, 4 claws and a magnetic tip.
  • Must-have tool for mechanics, great for grabbing under furniture, in crevices & down drains
  • Wound-steel cable flexes to bend around corners and obstacles
  • Bright LED light provides excellent illumination to dark places.
  • Press plunger and jaws opens wide / release plunger and jaws clamp shut.
  • This Claw and Magnetic Pickup Tool Features a Powerful White LED Light For Retrieving Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Items From Dark or Hard-To-Reach Areas
  • The Flexible and Obedient Black Electroplated Steel Shaft Can Bend and Hold Any Shape For Maximum Maneuverability In Difficult Places

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm


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