Plastic Funnels, 6 Inch wide mouth Funnel Set of 6PCS


 6PCS Plastic Funnels, Funnel Set, Big size 6 inch Funnel Set, All Purpose Wide-Mouth Plastic Funnel for Liquid, Spices, Powder, Lotion, Oils – Transparent, Pack of 6 pcs

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  • High-quality plastic funnel has the advantages of light weight, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance (120℃), non-toxic and odorlessness.
  • There are 6 pcs set for your needs that can meet your different needs in daily life. With these funnels, small things or liquid can be transferred easily, fast and cleanly
  • you can clean them very easily. You can sterilize them with hot water or wash them with detergent.
  • The funnels can be applied in fluid, liquids, dry goods, spices, powders, small-grained ingredients, or seeds.
  • Can be used in workshops and garages.
  • The funnels can be used between bottles, containers, cruets, jars, narrow-necked flasks, tubes, or vials ends.


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