CLIF PLUS Electric Car Polisher Machine 1200W-7 Inch-180mm


1200Watt 7 Inch Electric Car Polisher Machine Combo With Backup Pad And Wool Buffing Pad Double Insulated With Speed Adjustment Option.

Useful for car polishing, waxing

Power: 220V-240V 50/60Hz, Rated Power: 1200W

Rated Power: 1200W. Rated current: 6.0A, Speed: 600-3000 rotate/min.

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CLIF PLUS-1200W Electric Car Polisher – Variable Speed – 180 mm Wheel Diameter – No Load Speed 600-2300 Rotate/min – Car Buffer Polisher – Heavy Duty Power Tool for Auto Sanding/Polishing

Easy Operation-The machine is equipped with a D- grip handle for easy operation. As a result, you can easily apply the required amount of pressure while operating the machine and keep it steady.

Multiple Usage-The super-soft buffing pad is made of fine wool yarns that are gentle enough to shine the surface without causing damage or scratches. It can be used on metal, glass, upholstery, plastic, and other surfaces as furniture polishing or wood polishing

Ensured Safety-The machine has an inbuilt safety switch for safe and dependable operation. It also has a spindle lock that allows for the safe and easy replacement of the spinning disc or pad.

Package ContainsElectric Car Polisher Machine, Backup Pad And Wool Buffing Pad Double Insulated




1] Generic-7-inch-180mm-compound-buffing-sponge-pad-for-car-buffer-polishing-and-waxing-2-pcs-set

2] Generic-7-inch-180mm-compound-wool-buff-wheel-for-car-buffer-polishing-and-waxing

3] Generic-5-inch-125mm-compound-buffing-sponge-pad-for-car-buffer-polishing-and-waxing-2-pcs-set-2

4] Generic-5-inch-125mm-compound-buffing-sponge-pad-for-car-buffer-polishing-and-waxing-2-pcs-set

5] Generic-7-inch-180mm-compound-buffing-sponge-pad-for-car-buffer-polishing-and-waxing-m14


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 45 cm


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