MEGA Automotive Mechanics Stethoscope Engine Analyzer


Car Engine Cylinder Stethoscope Automotive Mechanics Engine Repair Tester Diagnostic Tool

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  • Features:
    1. Clear sound quality, high sensitivity, can quickly locate the abnormal sound of engine.
    2. Detect anomalies by tracking the sound of water, oil and steam flowing.
    3. Simple and efficient, can be used to monitor engines, bearings, motors, chassis, gearboxes, etc.
    4. Suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment such as automobiles, ships, airplanes, machine tools.
    5. Equipped with 215mm extended probe, easy to operate.Specification:
    Item Type: Cylinder Stethoscope
    Material: Stainless Steel Tube
    Color: As Pictures Show
    Frequency Range: 10HZ-10KHZ
    Probe Length: Approx. 70mm / 2.8inch
    Extended Probe Length: Approx. 215mm / 8.5inch
    Hose Length: Approx. 280mm / 11.0inch
    Package Weight: Approx. 123gPackage List:
    1 * Cylinder Stethoscope
    1 * Extended Probe


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