W-Locking Pliers/Welder’s Clamp


This 9in. W-Locking pliers/welder’s clamp is simple to use and adjust and last a long time, and ideal for welding applications and for holding awkward shapes in place.

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  • The U-shaped jaw on this clamp provides enhanced visibility and more working space.
  • Guarded trigger provides quick release while helping prevent accidental release.
  • Adjust pressure and work fit with turn screw that stays adjusted for repetitive use.
  • Constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability.
  • This 9-inch locking welding clamp is one of vise grips locking specialty tools
  • This locking welding clamp has U-shaped jaws for visibility and working space. It holds work in proper alignment.
  • Adjusts quickly for ratchet action in either direction.
  • Holds and Locks around any shape or size.


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