AKARI-Corded Electric Straight Grinder/Sander For Professionals (5 Inch)



AKARI PROFESSIONAL -125mm (5″) Straight Grinder For Polishing, Sanding & Sharpen (SS, Metal, Tiles) Etc.

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  • >Powerful Electric Professional Industrial Grade 5Inch-125mm  Straight Sander/Grinder
  • >AKARI Straight Grinder Disc is a heavy duty machine with a powerful motor and precise disc to cut through thing easily. The grinder also has a cap style design to prevent sparks coming towards you. It also has a comfortable grip that let you handle the machine easily. The machine has smoother rotations and provides an efficient transfer of energy.
  • >The handle of the AKARI Straight Grinder Disc provide the user a good grip on the machine making it easy to handle the machine and gives you comfort and control at the same time.
  • >Straight Grinder Disc has a robust and powerful motor of 700W that provides you with the required strengthen to cut through strong material. The diameter of the disc is about 125mm that can cut through surfaces precisely.
  • >Max. Wheel diameter: 125 mm; Hole diameter of wheel: 20 mm; No-load speed: 5000 rpm; Power: 700w

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 50 cm


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